Newspaper Columns

A sampling of columns written by Deacon Tim for the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic newspaper on a wide range of issues.

Bible: Discerning God's Will
Bible: The Eucharist
Bible: Relics of Saints
Bible: Shakespeare
Bible: Where It Came From

Church: Priestly Celibacy
Church: Why Suffering?
Church: Eucharist as a Way of Life
Church: The Faith of a Woman with a Mental Disorder
Church: The Power of Forgiveness
Church: Prayer and Expectations
Church: Short, Simple, Powerful Prayer
Church: Admonishing the Sinner
Church: The Cry of the Poor
Church: Consequences of "The Pill"

Marriage and Family
Marriage and Family: The Evening Meal
Marriage and Family: Children and Fathers
Marriage and Family: Children and Commitment in Marriage
Marriage and Family: Use of Authority with Children
Marriage and Family: Balancing Adventure with Order
Marriage and Family: The Value of Competition
Marriage and Family: The Proper Role of Education
Marriage and Family: Interference From Sports
Marriage and Family: Marriage Advice from Experienced Couples 
Marriage and Family: The Soul Mate Syndrome
Marriage and Family: Where Teenagers Come From
Marriage and Family: Teens Do Listen
Marriage and Family: Video Games and Reality
Marriage and Family: Strange Source for Listening Skills
Marriage and Family: Dealing with Annoying Habits
Marriage and Family: The Value of Small Talk
Marriage and Family: Taking Inventory of Your Marriage
Marriage and Family: A Tribute to a Great Wife

Spirituality: The Need for Leisure
Spirituality: Counseling and Faith
Spirituality: Strength in Weakness

Culture: Youth and Authoritative Communities
Culture: Gender Imbalance in Education
Culture: Tsunami of Debt


Homily: The Eucharist and the Common Good (5.19.19)
Homily: Divine Mercy (4.28.19)
Homily: The Script (4.14.19 Palm Sunday)
Homily:Strike the Rock (3.24.19)
Homily: Baptism and the Essentials of the Catholic Faith (1.13.19)
Homily: Holy Family: Structure, Identity and Adventure (12.30.18)
Homily: Job Description for Catholics (12.9.18)
Homily:What Do We Take To Heaven? (11.11.18)
Homily:Overcoming Complacency (9.23.18)
Homily: The Biggest Question in the Bible (8.12.18)
Homily: How Shepherds and Sheep Need Each Other
Homily: John the Baptist and Fatherhood (6.24.18)
Homily: Mary and the Trinity (5.27.18)
Homily:Picking the Fruit (4.29.18}
Homily:Power at Your Fingertips (3.25.18)
Homily: The Leper and His Community
Homily:How We Hear God's Voice (1.14.18)
Homily Fundamental Principles of a Holy Family (12.31.17)
Homily: 101 Years and Filled With Joy
Homily: Jesus Is My...King? (11.26.17)
Homily: The Wise and the Foolish Virgins (11.12.17)
Homily: The Unraveling of Democracy (10.22.17)
Homily: Working in the Vineyard (10.1.17)
Homily: Jesus, Men and the Seed Principle (9.24.17)
Homily: Christ the King
Homily: Noah and Niceness
Homily: Reason, Science and Faith
Homily: The Adulterous Woman
Homily: Possessions and True Wealth
Homily: Is Being Good Good Enough?
Homily: Getting More Out of Communion
Homily: The Prodigal Son and Leadership
Homily: The Problem With Achievement
Homily: Marriage, Sacrifice and Salvation
Homily: Drinking from the Cup
Homily: Beginning to Pray
Homily: Hearing the Music
Homily: Reclaiming Our Baptism
Homily: Having Jesus in Our Home
Homily: Families – Praying and Listening
Homily: Who Is Jesus To Us?
Homily: Bread from Heaven
Homily: Our Meaning and Purpose
Homily: Our Meaning and Purpose Part 2
Homily: Jesus and Reality
Homily: Relativism and Realism
Homily: Baptism of the Holy Spirt
Homily: What It Means To Be Poor In Spirit
Homily: The Two Trees in the Garden
Homily: Christian Unity and the Bible
Homily: Did the Resurrected Jesus Visit His Mother?
Homily: Fatima Messages for Today


Recommended Books and Periodicals


I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux, by Father Jean C. J. d’Elbee; Sophia Institute Press
Ten chapters for personal spiritual growth; the wisdom of St. Therese is woven into a wonderful explanation of the basic elements of Christian life

The Fulfillment of All Desire, by Ralph Martin; Emmaus Road Publishing
Explains the various stages of spiritual growth, drawing on the teachings of St. Catherine of Siena, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Augustine, St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Francis De Sales

Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word, by Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis; Ignatius Press
An amazing commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (but a great aid for the Gospels of Mark and Luke as well); takes each phrase in the gospel and brings it to life; one does not have to be a Bible scholar to benefit greatly from this work

The Catholic Church at the End of an Age, by Ralph Martin; Ignatius Press
A comprehensive explanation of what is happening with the Catholic Church around the world; discusses where the Church is strong, where it is weak, why people leave the Church and what is needed to renew the Church; written for the year 2000 but still valid today

Life and Holiness, by Thomas Merton; Doubleday Image Books
A short and simple guide to the basics of spiritual life.

Beginning to Pray, by Anthony Bloom; Paulist Press
A beautiful explanation of the attitude we need to have before addressing God in our prayer life.

Signposts: How To Be a Catholic Man in the World Today, by Bill Bawden and Tim Sullivan
This workbook for Catholic men's groups has been a mainstay in men's ministry. It contains 52 lessons plans which integrate the Bible and the Catechism and cover all the main issues that confront today's men as they strive to live out their Catholic faith.


Recommended Websites and Links

For religious news: (daily news on developments in the world of religion) (daily news on items of spiritual interest from a Catholic perspective)

For political news: (daily news taken from a wide range of media sources, both liberal and conservative)

Retreats and Presentations

Offered by Deacon Tim

Catholic Bible Study (explaining the Bible passages that support the Catholic positions on issues which divide Catholics and Protestants)

Discerning God’s Will (the basic principles of discernment for Christians)

Flesh and Bone (a 3-part series on the power available to us in our Catholic faith, the dynamics of the Eucharist and discerning God’s will)

Marriage: A Path to Holiness (how following God’s design for marriage helps couples grow in holiness and also brings a dynamic quality to their relationship)

Pierced in the Heart (a two-hour Lenten presentation focusing on the impact of the passion of Jesus on Mary and others who were present on Calvary)

Power of the Holy Spirit (the Spirit in the Old Testament; the Holy Spirit in the life of Christ and in the early Christian community; the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church; how to experience the Holy Spirit in our lives)

Power of the Passion (how the power in Christian life and in the Church is derived from the passion and death of Jesus Christ; scriptural analysis; how we experience this power in our own lives)

Power of the Blood (a development of the blood covenant in the Old and New Testament and how we as Christians participate in this mystery)

Power of the Eucharist (a scriptural explanation of the source of the Eucharist and statements about how participation in the Eucharist can transform our lives)

Social Teachings of the Church (a short course on the essential social teachings of the Church, explaining why the Church addresses such a wide range of social issues)

RCIA (the Catholic understanding of the Bible, Discerning God’s Will, the dynamics of the Eucharist,  the Catholic understanding of Grace)

Presentations for Men

Becoming a Christian Man (a half-day retreat focusing on the path to Christian manhood, obstacles to faith for men and what the Bible says about a man’s faith)

A Father’s Heart (the unique role of husbands and fathers developed in scripture and in the documents of the Church)

Spiritual Leadership For Men (the role of integrity, contending with modern culture and developing a sense of mission and purpose for the family)