Wonderful Eucharistic Prayer

I came across this beautiful prayer from the Coptic Rite of the Church which focuses on the Eucharist.  I wanted to share it with our readers:

 "Amen. Amen. Amen.  I believe, I believe, I believe. Until the last breath of my life I will confess that this is the life-giving Body of Your only Son, our Lord and our God, our Jesus Christ. He took this body from our Lady and our Queen, the most pure Mother of God.  He has joined it to his divinity.  I believe that his divinity never, not even for a moment, was separated from his humanity.  He has been given for the remission of sins, life and eternal salvation! I believe, I believe, I believe that it is all so!"

How To Get More Out of the Eucharist

Catholics know that the Eucharist is a special gift. However, it seems that too few Catholics understand the dynamics of the Mass and especially how we can actively participate in the Eucharist in a way that greatly enriches and transforms our lives. This isn't the fault of lay Catholics. So many Catholics have never had the dynamics of the Mass adequately explained to them. In a recent homily, "The Father's House," Deacon Tim gives a short but powerful description of the most important elements of the mystery of the Eucharist. This homily, which is attached, should be very helpful for Catholics who wish to deepen their understanding and experience of the Eucharist.

The Father's House

A Favorite Podcast

We just posted a recent podcast, "Short Prayers and How To Use Them." After we recorded this program, Cyndi exclaimed, "I really like that one! If someone wants a sample of what we do, give them this one."

In addition to listening to the podcast, please send us your questions and your suggestions of issues you would like for us to discuss. It's not that we don't have a long list of possible topics, but we want to know the subjects which are of special interest to you.