How Catholics Talk (or Don't) About Jesus

I just read an article on the Internet by a Rev. Thomas Berg entitled “Why Are Catholics Afraid to Talk About Jesus?”  In the Catholic culture of the United States, we don’t talk about our relationship with Jesus very much.  As Rev. Berg says, the common attitude of American Catholics is, “We’re Catholics: we don’t do that; that’s a Protestant thing – you know, to talk about ‘Jesus’.”

Maybe our unease in talking about Jesus is connected to the fact that so many people have left the Catholic Church and that so many who still identify as Catholics are lukewarm or less about their faith.

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Meeting the Holy Spirit

Here’s a question for men, one that I don’t think gets much attention: Do we know the Holy Spirit?  Have we experienced the Holy Spirit?  Okay, that’s two questions.

I never thought about the Holy Spirit until after I was 40 years old.  I became conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit as a result of my conversion experience in 1988.

As Catholics, we say we believe in the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Yet, my guess is that many of us think about the Father and the Son, but not so much about the Holy Spirit.  We should know all the members of the Trinity.

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Catholic Men and the Eucharist

In the blog of September 23, 2014 entitled “Basic Issues for Catholic Men,” we stated that: “Our relationship with Jesus Christ will be enriched and empowered as our understanding and appreciation of the Eucharist continue to grow.”  So in this blog we will focus on how Catholic men can more fully and more deeply experience the Eucharist in their lives. (Also, refer to the blog of September 15, 2014, “God’s Will and the Eucharist: How To Get More Out of Holy Communion.”)

 I’m going to keep this blog really simple.  I’m not going to repeat what was written in the blog of September 15, 2014 on getting more out of Holy Communion.

 The Eucharist at each Catholic Mass is the re-presentation of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.  If we use our imaginations, then, during the Mass it is as if we are at Calvary.  We can feel the burning sun.  We can hear the screaming.  The air is filled with dust.  People are taunting Jesus.  They’re spitting at Him.  His body is already bloody from being tortured by the soldiers.  Think what it must have been like to be physically there at Calvary.

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