What Are Charisms and How Can They Be Useful?

Discipleship has become a popular topic in the Catholic world these days. A leading proponent of Catholic discipleship is Sherry Weddell. Identifying and utilizing the charisms of the faithful is one component of discipleship that has long been ignored. Charisms are not natural talents, but are gifts, abilities, given by the Holy Spirit for service to others. They have a supernatural quality. For example, administration, encouragement, intercessory prayer, leadership, music, service, teaching and writing are just a few of the charisms that exist in our parishes. Deacon Tim and Cyndi discuss the need to identify our charisms and put them to work in building up the Body of Christ.

The Blood Covenant in the Bible and the Eucharist

This presentation on the Blood Covenant will give our listeners an education on a major theme in the Bible and also greatly enrich their appreciation for the Eucharist. The understanding of the Blood Covenant was likely very prominent in Christianity for many centuries, but it seems to have almost been lost in modern times. The practice of drinking from the cup in the Eucharist will never be the same again for those who listen in.

How To Better Understand the Mass

Deacon Tim gave a recent homily after which several parishioners came up to him and said, "That was such a great explanation of what happens at Mass. We never heard that before." One man told Deacon Tim that he had some familiarity with pieces of Deacon Tim's homily but had never heard it put together in such a helpful fashion. So here it is! This program helps us understand the dynamics of the Eucharist and how all the faithful are connected to what takes place on the altar.

Worthy Reception of the Eucharist

Deacon Tim and Cyndi talk about two issues with respect to reception of the Eucharist: 1) the conditions for reception of the Eucharist that apply to Catholics; 2) why non-Catholic Christians cannot generally receive the Eucharist. There is much confusion and misunderstanding of what the Eucharist means and who should participate in this great mystery. Deacon Tim and Cyndi clear things up!

Our Capacity To Love

It might be that, in times gone by, our capacity to love was taken for granted. For example, a common saying many years ago was "Everyone loves children." Today, however, many people have chosen not to love children and maybe even not to have children. There is a common belief that our capacity for love is fixed, and therefore we have to be very selective about how many people to love. Deacon Tim and Cyndi address the Christian perspective on how generous we can be and should be in offering love to others.

The Flesh Versus the Spirit

We humans are all made of flesh, so that can't be a bad thing. Furthermore, the world isn't by itself a bad place. God created the world and it was good, it says in the Book of Genesis. On the other hand, St. Paul and St. John both say in the Bible that there is tension between the flesh and the world on one hand and the Spirit of God on the other. This seems confusing, which is why Deacon Tim and Cyndi chose to provide clarity on this perplexing issue. What does it mean to be "of the world" but not "in the world." Listen, and you'll find out!

Living In the Spirit

Having just celebrated the Feast of Pentecost recently, Deacon Tim and Cyndi discuss the role that the Holy Spirit actually plays in the lives of Christians. They describe actual events in which the Holy Spirit provided guidance and healing. The Holy Spirit is not a historical figure! The Holy Spirit is available for us every moment of our lives and is just waiting for us to call on him.

Short Prayers and How To Use Them

One of our best programs ever. We always have time for a short prayer, if we stop and remind ourselves to pray even when we have just a few seconds. One example is the Jesus Prayer: "Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me (or someone else, like the person who just cut us off in traffic), a sinner." Deacon Tim and Cyndi identify and discuss helpful short prayers for a wide range of situations. We never have the excuse that we don't have enough time to pray!

Grace Is Amazing

Is faith just a nice thing that some people have and some people don't?  What real difference does faith make?  Does it lead to grace, and, if it does, what difference does grace make in a person's life?  Deacon Tim and Cyndi have a practical discussion about the role grace plays in the life of a Christian.

Renewal Movement

In this program, which aired on Saint Michael Radio on April 22, 2016, Deacon Tim and Cyndi talk about the Cursillo Movement, which has renewed the faith of many Catholics all over the world since the 1950's, earning the recognition and support of all of our recent popes.  They discuss the basic components of the Cursillo experience and how it so effectively changes people's lives.  Many vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and lay ministry have been generated by Cursillo, and yet it is unfamiliar to a lot of Catholics.

The Father's House

After Jesus had been lost by His mother and father, and they finally found Him in the temple in Jerusalem, He told them He had to be in His Father's house.  What does it mean for us today to be in the house of the Father?  In a culture that has become increasingly secular and casual, is it possible to fully appreciate the presence of the Divine in the holiest of places, our churches?  Deacon Tim and Cyndi take these questions on a frank, honest conversation.

Keeping Calm As the World Slips into Chaos

With terrorism in so many countries, including our own, millions of refugees around the globe, the presidential race, same-sex marriage and uncertainty about the gender of the person who might be next to us in a public restroom, how are we to stay calm?  No matter how stable our own life seems to be, there is confusion, chaos and uncertainty all around.  How should we deal with this?  Find a cave?  A bunker?  Go out and change the world?  Deacon Tim and Cyndi talk about ways we can deal with the complexities of life in 2016.

Keys to Marriage

What are the most fundamental ingredients for a long, happy Christian marriage?  What do we learn along the way?  What are the surprises?  Deacon Tim and his guest host, his wife Connie, explore these and related questions.

Living With Passion

It's so easy in modern life to get so busy that we lose track of the true meaning and purpose of our lives.  It's not uncommon to see adults with eyes glazed over from the hectic pace of daily activities.  When we are living our lives with authentic passion, that glazed look gives way to eyes that are bright and filled with vitality.  How do we find and live out a genuine passion that provides motivation and energy?  That's the subject of this program!

Envy and Me

Envy is a prominent theme in the Bible, causing turmoil and violence between Cain and Abel, Joseph (of the Old Testament) and his brothers, Saul and David, and the Jewish high priests and Jesus.  As one of the seven capital sins, it remains a major issue for modern Americans.  We are constantly encouraged by advertisements and social pressure to equal or exceed what other people have and how other people perform.  Deacon Tim and Cyndi discuss the problem of envy and some effective ways of combating it.

Using the Power That God Makes Available to Us

We may not think of ourselves as powerful people, but the truth is that every person has significant power to affect the lives of other people.  Every day we make ordinary decisions that have an impact on people we know and even those we don't know.  We make choices, and every choice changes someone's life.  Deacon Tim and Cyndi discuss the reality of this power and how we can be more conscious of the power and how to use it in a positive way.

What Can Happen When We Encounter Another Person

What happens when we meet and greet another person?  What do we say?  What is our tone of voice?  Our body language?  Are we conscious of how we are coming across to the other person?  Are we alert to what the other person might need at that moment?  Do we miss opportunities for a meaningful exchange?  Or does our greeting lead to a positive experience?  Deacon Tim and Cyndi explore these and related issues.

When It's Good To Think About Me

How do we think about ourselves, not in a self-centered, self-absorbed way, but in terms of our personality, how we think, how we set priorities, how we function, how we relate to other people?    Based upon our understanding of ourselves, how do we need to change, to grow? Deacon Tim and Jenny Hausher, sitting in for Cyndi Kane, discuss the issue of self-knowledge from a Christian perspective.

The Year of Mercy

As our Catholic listeners know, Pope Francis has declared a Year of Mercy from late 2015 to just before Advent in 2016.  In this program, Deacon Tim and Cyndi talk about the goals and the challenges of the Year of Mercy and what it can mean for all of us.  

The Trouble with Freedom

The most prized aspect of life in the United States is freedom.  But what do we mean by "freedom?"  Increasingly, the prevailing understanding of freedom is the right to do anything we want anytime we want.  Freedom gives us the right to pursue any pleasure that we wish, "as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else," as so many of us are quick to say.  What is freedom from a truly Christian perspective, and how does it differ from our common perception of freedom?  Deacon Tim and Cyndi weigh in on these questions.