Ten Commandments for Parents

Some basic guidelines for Catholic parents are identified and discussed by Deacon Tim and Cyndi.  To help our listeners remember the commandments for parents, here they are:

1. Develop a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Keep priorities in order

a.     Jesus

b.     Spouse

c.      Children

3. Mothers, be the heart of the home.  Fathers, be the head of the home.

4. Let your spouse know the problems that you are experiencing in striving to live strong Christian lives in a secular society.  Have a plan, a vision, a direction.

5. Pray with your spouse regularly.

6. Spend time with each child.

7. Support your spouse in setting up a place for family devotions in your home.

8. Set the tone for living a simple, humble and peaceful lifestyle.

9. Try to discern with your children, individually, the call of the Lord upon each one of their lives.

10. Make Sunday truly the Lord’s Day and a day of family togetherness.